Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • We guarantee that we sell original and 100% genuine production only. By your ask we can show you certification of production;
  • Pictures of products on the site can differ from real appearance so we advise to see real photos of gels in our facebook page;
  • We don't make any changes in orders. It means that before making payment you need CAREFULLY check what you order ( products and their quantity );
  • We don't accept returns;
  • We don't make refund if customs stops your package;
  • We accept complaints about quality of goods ONLY in first 14 days after receiving of order.
  • We don't make refund if color of gel polish differs from the photo on site. You can find real photo of colors in our facebook page;
  • Delivery can take more time in the period of national holidays.
  • After payment you can not add or delete product(s) from your order.
  • After payment you can not cancel your order.


According to ukrainian laws cosmetic production of good quality can`t be refunded.

We make refunds in next cases only:

  • bottle(s) is(are) broken during transportation.
  • order is lost (i.e. order is not delivered within 70 days from the date you purchased it).